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Easter Morning….the tomb is empty, the passion fulfilled.

It’s a perfect Easter Sunday morning as I write….the sky is clear, the birds are out – one of those calm mornings where you can’t help but notice the beauty of it all.   That it happens to be Easter Sunday makes it even more special – a beautiful morning to give thanks and to appreciate what Easter morning really is about…….. the resurrection is complete – the tomb is empty, the “passion” is fulfilled.

The word “passion” has always been an inspiration for me; a word that is simple in nature I suppose, but when you break it down, goes so much deeper.  If you search the word “passion”, you’ll see phrases like “intense feeling of conviction” , “intense desire or enthusiasm”, “powerful like or love for something or someone” etc.  The word itself comes from the Latin pati – to suffer – to endure great pain.  So at it’s core, “passion” is about a feeling, desire, or purpose so great that one is willing to endure great sacrifice or suffer pain – a willingness to endure whatever it takes, for whatever you love.

I remember watching the movie “The Passion of the Christ“, Mel Gibson’s depiction of the last hours of Christ’s life.   To say the movie is graphic is an understatement, but you come away knowing in your heart that in actuality, the pain and suffering that Christ endured was even worse.  So much so that you cringe just thinking about it.  But the title of movie is perfect in achieving the movie’s goal – to show that Christ was willing to endure whatever it took for us to have eternal life.

I am a Christian and I know that I have been called for certain things. At the top of the list:  God has asked me to love and honor Him.  I am far from perfect there.   He has given me a wife and children to love and serve.  I know that I have failed in that role too many times to count.  He has called me to serve other people in other ways, and I’ve failed there too.  Why have I not lived up to all that God has given me?  Why have I not always been the husband and father etc that God called me to be?  The answer is simply that while I love them completely, I haven’t always been willing to be a man of “passion” for God and all He has given me.

Fortunately, I don’t have to be perfect because Christ was for me.  And that brings us to Easter: the tomb is empty, the passion fulfilled.

Lord Heavenly Father, I come to You this Easter with a full heart.  Thank you for all you have given me and my family.  Continue to bless us in all ways Lord, and keep us from harm.  Guide our steps and prepare our hearts and minds for your will.  Place your hand of blessing and protection on us and bless us that we may be a blessing to others.  I ask Lord that you forgive me for my failures in life, and that you guide and direct me to be a “man of passion” for you and my family.  Amen.

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